Disconnect API

The Disconnect (me/app) endpoint enables apps to properly disconnect from Nike+. Disconnect removes internal connections Nike+ makes to the app, expires the user’s access token, and verifies that the disconnection was successful.

It is important that apps call the Disconnect (/me/app) endpoint when users choose to disconnect the app from their Nike+ account. Logging out of Nike+ is not sufficient, since invoking a logout for the user does not clean up all of the user’s information on the Nike+ side.

Note: Calling the Disconnect (/me/app) endpoint is also important if the app uses Webhooks for notifications. Nike+ will continue to send notifications of new data to the registered callback URL if a subscribed app has not disconnected by calling the Disconnect (/me/app) endpoint.

When users choose to disconnect, they expect the app to no longer be connected to their Nike+ account. In order for this to occur, the app must disconnect by calling the Disconnect (/me/app) endpoint. Failing to properly disconnect an app from a user’s Nike+ account might adversely affect the user’s experience.

Note: If a user disconnects an app through the Nike+ website, Nike+ does not send a notification to the app.

Note: The test console is not available for the Disconnect (/me/app) endpoint.


  1. A user of an app logs in to Nike+ and connects the app to his or her Nike+ account (see OAuth Services for more information).
  2. The user begins an Activity session and the app updates and receives data from Nike+ (see Activity Services for more information).
  3. The user finishes the Activity session.
  4. When the user chooses to disconnect the app from his or her Nike+ account, the app calls the Disconnect (/me/app) endpoint to properly disconnect from Nike+



Name Type Required? Description
access_token String Yes User's access token




A successful disconnection returns a 204 HTTP status code indicating that the server processed the request successfully and the user’s app is properly disconnected from Nike+.


For the complete list of error codes, refer to Error Codes and Responses.