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NikeFuel and the Nike+ API

NikeFuel is a single, universal way to measure physical movement. It removes all personal differences from the equation - such as age, gender, body weight or physical fitness level. As a result, NikeFuel offers a better description of whole body movement, making it easier to compare your activities with other athletes*, regardless of body size. 

The Nike+ API uses RESTful methods which allow access to data from Nike+ services, enabling Partners to build compelling experiences with NikeFuel. For example, the Activity Detail endpoint returns metrics based on a user’s movement. These metrics can then be utilized to suit the needs of a specific application.

*If you have a body, you’re an athlete.

The Science of NikeFuel

We calculate NikeFuel by tracking movement patterns and physiological responses.  Using
 a sensor - like an accelerometer, heart rate strap or GPS device - we link those patterns to a known energy measure for that activity, such as oxygen consumption.

Our NikeFuel Science team - comprised of exercise physiologists and biomechanists - are constantly working and reworking the science behind the NikeFuel algorithm.

The goal is not only to perfect the accuracy and consistency of the metric, but also to tune NikeFuel for the performance needs of different athletes. Our data set grows exponentially every year, and our algorithms get smarter and more accurate every month.


THE NIKE+ API: Expanding the Ecosystem

Working with Nike+ Fuel Lab partners like MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and Strava, over 100 million potential new athletes will be able to use NikeFuel to measure, motivate and improve. While we are currently working exclusively with our Nike+ Fuel Lab partners, future plans call for increased availability to our developer tools and services.

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NikeFuel Features

NikeFuel measures both all day activity as well as training intensity, providing athletes with real time feedback and guidance across any sport, at any skill level. The following are specific examples of how NikeFuel can bring a user’s activity to life.

NikeFuel Curve

The NikeFuel Curve is an elegant way to keep track of your daily NikeFuel. By displaying your activity through a simple red-to-green curve, the NikeFuel Curve shows how far away you are from reaching your Daily Goal and gives you a little extra motivation to stay active. 

NikeFuel Rate

NikeFuel Rate measures how intensely your body is moving. Similar to how a car's speedometer works. NikeFuel Rate is calculated by dividing total NikeFuel by minutes. NikeFuel Rate is an invaluable tool to help performance athletes better regulate their workout intensity.

Daily Goal


A Daily Goal is your activity target for any given day. When you
have a Daily Goal, you don't just track your progress. You have something to aim for every day. 

Activity History

The NikeFuel Activity History helps you keep track of your progress over time. You can view your NikeFuel by day, week and month. You can also see what time of day and week you're typically most active and even see your movement broken down by intensity.