A Common Language for Sport

NikeFuel is a simple universal way to measure how much you move, providing you with insights, motivation and opportunities to become a better athlete*. For developers building Nike+ integrations, NikeFuel brand guidelines and visual assets are available below.

*If you have a body, you're an athlete.

Download the Visual Center and NikeFuel Book:

Download NikeFuel PNGs


The ZIP file contains PNGs of the NikeFuel mark, gauge and curves.

Reference NikeFuel Colors

RED  HEX: #E2142D  RGB: 226, 20, 45
ORANGE  HEX: #E95814  RGB: 233, 88, 20
YELLOW  HEX: #F5DC00  RGB: 245, 220, 0
GOAL GREEN  HEX: #4BAD31  RGB: 75, 173, 49