The Nike+ Android SDK provides an easy to use, lightweight API interface for the Nike+ API. The Nike+ API allows activity data to be uploaded by the user to track and earn NikeFuel.The Nike+ Android SDK encapsulates common functionality and provides convenience methods to retrieve data about activities.
Configuring and building an application to use the the SDK and the API can be completed by following these steps. First, review these docs to make sure that you have all the required information from Nike to configure your app. These include, but are not limited to, an application id, cleint id, and a registered redirect URI. See the documentation for more details.

A quick guide to getting set up using the Nike+ Android SDK.

Once you've configured your project to use the Nike SDK, review the OAuth 2.0 based authentication flow to acquire a token to use on behalf of your user. 

Configure the project with the requried Android SDK components. Once the correct configuration parameters from Nike are set, then the Android project can be setup with the Nike Framework.

This guide shows how to authenticate a Nike+ user leveraging the Nike+ Android SDK.

How to use the Nike+ Android SDK to directly call the Nike+ API.

Note: Full API reference documents are not publicly available. Partnership information can be accessed here.

The Nike+ Android SDK includes a sample app, which demonstrates some ways to leverage the Nike+ Android SDK.