Quickstart Guide

The following steps are outlined to help in getting started with the Nike+ iOS SDK:


  • OSX and Xcode are required for iOS development. Xcode can be obtained from the Apple App Store.
  • The Nike+ API is open only to Nike+ partners. For inqueries regarding partnerships, refer to the Contact page.

Obtain API Keys

Client credentials are required to connect applications to the Nike+ API using the OAuth 2.0 specification.

Client credentials must be associated to a callback URI, and they can be associated with any number of Callback URIs. For iOS applications, the URI must be in the format [application URI]://nike.com/login, where ://nike.com/login is the required method and cannot be changed. It is recommended that the application URI be in the format nike-[client_id], but it is not required.

An optional Callback URI for Notifications may also be designated. Only one Notification Callback URI is possible per key and is usually assigned to a web service that may serve multiple applications.

Installing the iOS SDK

The iOS SDK is available only to partners. Inquiries about becoming a partner can be made on the Contact page. Partners will be given the iOS SDK framework, source code, and additional documentation.

Configuring an XCode Project

Configuring Xcode for the Nike SDK is a three step process. The process consists of:

1) Linking the Framework

2) Copying the SDK Bundle

3) Configuring the Info.plist

For more information see Xcode Configuration

Start Coding

It is recommended to start with iOS SDK Authentication for a coding sample.