Developer Questions

How do I obtain an API Key?

API Keys are only issued to approved Nike+ Partners.  If you have questions about your API Keys, please inquire with your Nike+ partnership manager.

What is the approval process for becoming a Nike+ Partner?

While we are currently working exclusively with Nike+ Fuel Lab partners, future plans include increased access to our developer tools and services. Please sign-up here to receive announcements on the latest Nike+ API features and availability. 

How do I use the Test Console?

To use the Test Console, you must be logged in to the developer portal with a Nike+ account. The Test Console allows you to execute certain API requests and see live return results.

What kind of data can I get from the API?

The Nike+ API provides activity information from over one million users, allowing you to access basic user data, such as NikeFuel, calories and steps. Depending on the Nike+ device used, you may also gain access to data, such as GPS and distance. For a full list of activity measurements, see the Metric Types page.

What is NikeFuel?

NikeFuel is a single, universal way to measure physical movement. It removes all personal differences from the equation - such as age, gender, body weight or physical fitness level. For more information, see the NikeFuel page. 

Will you let me know when a user records Nike+ activity?

A notification is generated each time Nike+ receives a new activity from a user.  In order to receive notifications, two steps are necessary.  When registering an app, a URL is required to receive notifications.  Then, the app must subscribe to the notification service for each individual user. Notification frequency depends on the individual user's behavior. For more information, see Notifications.

How long does an access token last, and how do I refresh it?

An access token's lifespan depends on the authentication method used. Implict Grant Flow tokens have a lifespan of 1 hour. Auth Code Grant Flow tokens typically have a lifespan of 30 days. For more information on authentication, review the OAuth Services documentation.

How can I post Activities to Nike+?

Currently, only the Nike+ Fuel Lab partners have access to this feature. However, future plans call for increased availability to our tools and services. 

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